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hosted by Glenn Burris, aka Mister Stick

WAKT gives you a chance to take a trip to the out-of-the-ordinary. Join Mister Stick in the UFO Show and find your place in his space for the Unknown, the Forgotten, and the Obscure.

The UFO Show is an hour of garage, fuzz, acid, trash, or uncategorized out-of-sight, neglected rock and roll, and declassified information. You’ll hear just how great a band that lasted only three weeks could be. Mister Stick will root through hundreds of garage comps and oddball singles from the age of the three-minute miracle. And he mixes historic thrills with the work of garage revivalists and true believers of the twenty-first century.

Get the kicks overlooked by the ordinary, confuse your friends, and frighten your neighbors. Join Mister Stick for The UFO Show.

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